"We have worked with Rod and the Gregory Electric team for nearly a decade, finding them consistently proactive, responsive and competitive. I am proud to be associated with a company of true leaders and strongly recommend their services."

Chad McWhinney
President, McWhinney Enterprises
Loveland, Colorado

McWhinney Enterprises

"With twenty years in the development business, I've worked with many general contractors and subcontractors. Due to their integrity, creativity, reliability and competitive pricing, Gregory Electric is one of my all-time favorites."

Stuart Macmillan
Everitt Companies
Fort Collins, Colorado

Everitt Companies

"For over a decade Gregory Electric has met every job requirement with competence - from project managers in the office, to the foreman, to the electrician in the field."

Terry Drahota
President, Drahota Construction Company
Fort Collins, Colorado

Drahota Construction Company

"As owner of Alliance Construction, I have been involved with Gregory Electric for many years. We have worked with their team of professionals on various projects including design-build, historical renovation and new construction. Each time, the level of integrity that Gregory promotes is always exceeded and the owners are very satisfied."

Clayton Schwerin
President, Alliance Construction Solutions
Loveland, Colorado

Alliance Construction Solutions

"Gregory Electric consistently exhibits professionalism. Working with an electrical contractor that does what they say they are going to do is not only refreshing, but vital to our success."

Gregory Schmidt
Director of Business Development, Saunders Construction Company
Centennial, Colorado

Saunders Construction Company

"Gregory Electric's overall performance was excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get a project done the right way from start to finish."

Parker Macy
President, Norco Construction Company
Longmont, Colorado

"Gregory Electric is easy to work with and brings a high level of communication to a project. We highly recommend this good company."

Scott Mikulak
Preconstruction Manager, The Neenan Company
Fort Collins, Colorado

The Neenan Company

"Gregory professionals are problem solvers, with the goal of "making it work," an attitude which seems rare in service industries. Gregory Electric is a pleasure to work with and a resource of inestimable value to us."

Sister Scholastica England
Treasurer, Facilities Manager, Abbey of St. Walburga
Virginia Dale, Colorado

Abbey of St. Walburga

"Gregory performed superbly as a design/build partner on the Loveland Police and Courts project, responding to the needs of the design group while protecting the owner's interests. Their work was installed with quality as the foremost factor."

Brandi Hunt
Project Manager, Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Greeley, Colorado

Hensel Phelps Construction Company

"The project was a success, with the help of the Gregory Electric staff and would not hesitate to use them for future projects."

Brian Cass
Project Manager, Gerard H. Phipps, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

Gerard H. Phipps, Inc.

"Gregory's performance was probably the best subcontractor on the project. They performed when asked they always responded promptly. Gregory treated the owner fairly on all changes and they were very cooperative when making changes late in the process. I would recommend Gregory Electric when looking to build another project."

Tom Stone
Project Manager, Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Aurora, Colorado

Adolfson & Peterson Construction